The N.E.W. IGpreneurs Hashtag Sale

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Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) is a local organization that empowersFilipinas through entrepreneurship. Since 2006, we have been guiding entrepreneurial Filipinas through workshops and seminars held by some of the country’s notable business gurus that provide them with the right mindset to develop, start, and sustain a business. Some of our successful members are Roseanne and RobinaKo of Status Hair Salon, EdileeOmoyon of Milea All Organics, May Tuburcio De Vera of SweetbloomsPastillasand Judith Cinco of Imagere Watch Store to name a few. The following esteemed Filipina entrepreneurs are also members of N.E.W: Jen Gerodias- Diaz of Snoe Beauty, Carla Cruz of Franck Provost and Center For Aesthetic Studies, Dr. Mary Jane Torres of Zen Institute, Carrie Rabat of RieselingBoracay Resort, and Jennifer Tam- Yap of Pure Beauty and MUD.

Since 2008, N.E.W. has been staging trade fairs to support our organization’s efforts and social initiatives. For the past two years, we have successfully staged The N.E.W. Fashion and Beauty Fair at the Rockwell Tent and Megatrade Hall and this year, the Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) will stage The N.E.W. IGpreneursHashtag Sale on the following dates:August 21 to 23, August 28 to 30, September 11 to 13, October 2 to 4, October 9 to 11, 2015 (Friday to Sunday) at Glorietta 4, Ayala Mall. 

The following sale events will gather the country’s start-up and online entrepreneurs in Instagram. Find amazing items from the best Instagram Stores.

Admission is FREE so gather your friends and family, and shop for the best items and affordable finds while helping empower the nation one entrepreneur at a time.

For media relations, publicity, product promotions, sponsorship opportunities, and booking info, you may contact 0917-5408697 / 0922-8821075 / 908-2558 or email events@new.com.ph.  #IGpreneursHashtagSale

About NEW
N.E.W. stands for Network for Enterprising Women.  We are an organization with a heart to provide a venue for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs to share their thoughts, their talents, their skills and their experiences towards one goal: SUCCESS! We believe that collective successes can also boost individual success with the practice of right business ethics and a strong support from fellow women entrepreneurs. N.E.W. believes that entrepreneurship is more than knowledge and skills, it is also an emotional venture making women the best candidates for entrepreneurship.

For more information, please visit NEW’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/newphils) and Twitter account (https://twitter.com/newphils). Please follow us on Instagram (newphils) and visit our official website to know more about our organization. (http://new.com.ph)

Don't Build a Brand, Be the Brand: How to Create a Brand that Works

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The secret to every company's lasting presence is having a strong brand. To have a brand is to have an identity and a way to touch your customers' lives. Today's market does not only rely on affordability and the availability of a product or service. They rely on trust. So in order to be the first-in-mind product/service to your market, you have to have a brand that is relatable. 

But sometimes, the pressure for companies to create a brand and an image become more like a liability than an asset. And at the end of the day, the impression left by the brand creates a bad reputation. So be careful in choosing the direction of your company's branding.

Here are some simple steps in creating a brand that works:

Be Honest and Sincere
It's easy to make promises, keeping it is the hardest. It's the same thing when building a brand. Do not say "you're the best in the world" because honestly, you really cannot prove you are. Well unless you are ready to face a lot of marketing researches and studies to prove it. But then would that be a cost you are willing to take, just to prove something, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise (SME). It's free to dream but don't take your customers to fantasy land. Make your brand as real as possible. If you're selling fresh fruit juice with syrup, then just say you're selling fruit juice. Don't say it's perfect for the wellness buffs because you know deep inside you're using syrup. Never lie to your costumers.

Don't Just Follow a Trend
Yes, a lot of SMEs are opening businesses based on trends. Yes, it can work because the demand is high. But if you plan to create a brand just because it's trendy, then you are off the track. Unless you are very passionate with the trend and you plan to innovate a certain idea/product/service as time goes by, then it's okay. But if you are too lazy to do that, then better do something else. A brand is created to last as long as it can. If you're just following a trend which will probably last a few months (lucky, if it lasts for a year), then forget about branding and just sell it as it is. 

Being Different is Okay
Do not be afraid to be unique. Some brands work because they are one of a kind. Just look at two of the most popular companies in the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They brand themselves differently even though they do carry the same line of products. Being different can make you stand-out from the crowd. But be careful as to be too concerned with being different. There's a big difference between trying to be different and being different. 

Make Up your Mind and Stick with It
This is one of the most common mistakes SMEs face. They constantly change their branding. Unless you would like to be known and popular as the company who loves change like Google, then this is a big NO! That's why it's important that the branding complements the company's heart and mission. You don't change your company's goals and inspirations every quarter. Your branding should be the same. Think hard and long on the brand you want to present to your customers and as much as possible stick with it for the next years to come.  

Marketing and Sales or Marketing Versus Sales

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A few decades ago, many people often see marketing as synonymous to sales. Although, you may have heard a lot of times of a Sales and Marketing Department, in reality, SALES is never the same with MARKETING. 

Let us point the top MAJOR difference of SALES and MARKETING. 

When it comes to the objective of the two, MARKETING usually aims the following: to reach a greater audience and make the brand stick to that audience. SALES, on the other hand has one objective which is... guess what? TO SELL!

As for the core, MARKETING has the brand at its heart. Usually, every effort that the MARKETING makes, it would always think about how the brand would be communicating, representing or portraying to the market. As the MARKETING thinks of the brand, the SALES think of the customers. A happy customer repeats a purchase. A purchase adds up to the general objective: which is to gather more sales. So the SALES will do everything in its power to ensure that they keep their customers happy all the time. 

And lastly, when it comes to measuring their efficiency or success, MARKETING uses so many tools like surveys, focus group discussions and even web analytics. SALES have only one thing to look at to check if they are indeed effective, the sales! It's always going to be about the figures they bring in and if they are meeting their sales quota, as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Yes, sales is what fuels a company. Obviously, without sales, a company would not gain profits at all. Although, a good sales team can actually lift a company towards its success. The SALES alone cannot do it by themselves, well not easily, that is. The MARKETING actually makes the SALES' work a lot easier by covering more grounds. 

To make it more simple, imagine the MARKETING as a paved highway while the SALES are the vehicles. Yes, the SALES can reach its destination even if the roads are rough and rocky. But it will take time, patience and driving skills to do so. The MARKETING can actually make the SALES journey a lot easier and quicker by prepping the way towards the destination. The MARKETING, in short, prepares the market so that by the time the SALES reaches them, half the job has been done. 

In today's highly competitive market, it is best to prepare the market to receive a certain brand than to blindly offer it directly to a clueless market. Having a marketing plan which complements well with a sales plan, a company can have higher success rate at quicker speed and at lesser cost. Most especially for start-up companies, it is a safer route to have two separate department, teams or individuals to work on your SALES and MARKETING plans. However, outsourcing your marketing needs can also be a way to cut down costs. Marketing-support agencies like Write On Track offers not only marketing consultancy but also provides copywriting, graphic designs, event management and publicity services. Outsourcing can be an essential practice being done not only by small and medium enterprises but also by corporations who want to focus more efficiently on the company's core.

Write On Track is Open for OJT

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BE PART OF OUR OJT PROGRAM and learn the ropes of marketing, branding, events and publishing!

1. Must be a Commerce or Communication major
2. Must be willing to travel and get exposed to field work
3. Preferably from Makati, Parañaque, Pasay and Manila
4. Motivated, driven, dynamic and versatile 
5. Must be highly creative and resourceful 
6. Knows how to have fun! 

For interested applicants, email your resume/CV to writeontrack@yahoo.com

Creating Company Profile 101

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Whenever you seek a new supplier or a new client, the company profile is something you ask or submit. But do you really know why? The company profile is a significant business collateral that enables “strangers” to familiarize themselves to the company. So it is important to take seriously what you want to include in the profile, as it is one of the factors that contribute to your company’s success. 

Too Short, Too Long
The length of the profile should be about one to two pages long at most. It is like creating a personal resume: too long, you will bore the reader and would probably cause doubts on the authenticity of the long list of achievements and accomplishments; but too long will also raise some eyebrows and seem like your company lacks depth and undertakings.

Major Rule: Keep it Major
The company profile should be a summary of how your company operates and what your company can do for your clients. Keep the content simple. Mention the big achievements with little details but do not succumb to the temptation of telling a story on how you succeeded. It is best to keep certain highlights for personal presentations. Do not lay down all your cards in the profile, but make it impressive enough for clients to be intrigued. 

Be Creative, Not Fancy
There are so many company profiles that are “overly-designed”. It is okay to go out-of-the-box to make an impression, but creating pop-up layouts and using striking colors which will only make your client spend unnecessary time to figure out how to open your profile is just wrong. Keep the design creative yet simple; you can even try to make it “useful” like in the form of folders, calendar or organizers. Those may seem like “old-school” designs, but it can still be very useful for your clients. 

Profile not a Catalogue
One of the most common mistakes of companies is that they mistaken the profile as the catalogue. The profile contains facts about your company: your mission, vision, values, history, management team and yes, the products and services. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go into the detail of your offerings, because that’s the purpose of the catalogues. Not only will it make the reader be overwhelmed, it would also be expensive to give out catalogues to prospective clients instead of profiles as an introduction. 

Stick to the Facts
Although it is tempting to exaggerate the company’s achievements to create an impression but remember, there’s a thin line between “highlighting facts” and fiction. Stick to the facts, no matter how plain or dull it may seem, any recognition that the company earned because of its efforts is significant as it is. You do not have to equip it with flowery sentiments, just be truthful about it and your clients would appreciate it much better. 

Your company profile is the extension of your company. If you want to impress and convince your clients of the efficiency and quality performance of your company, then it should be something the clients will recognize from the profile. Although most companies create a company profile on their own at first, but as the company grows, it gets harder to keep the profile updated yet concise. That’s why there are professional writing services companies like Write On Track that is backed up by highly-skilled writers and researchers that do not only create convincing content, but also prepares creative concepts.

MARKETING Collateral Every Company Needs

posted Oct 19, 2014, 10:03 PM by Write On Track   [ updated Oct 19, 2014, 10:07 PM ]

Every multinational company knows how important marketing collateral are; in fact, they spend a portion of their resources making sure that their collateral will stand out content and creative-wise. But some small and medium enterprises feel that some of the collateral are additional expenses they do not need. The truth is, without effective marketing collateral, your company is as good as closed. 

Company Profile
Yes, of course you need a company profile. How can your client learn and understand who you are without having prior introduction.  But the content of your profile should encourage your client to set an appointment with you to discuss potential business and get to know you more. Sharing too much on your profile may leave all questions answered too soon, it’s always good to meet your client personally so leave something for them to ask and be intrigued. 

Business Cards
No matter how digital and techie the world gets, when it comes to face-to-face transactions, it is always good to leave something behind for your client. So be sure that you include all contact information on your card so whenever your client thinks about a need related to your business, it would be easy for them to reach you. Some say that calling cards must stand-out from the rest, making it come in all forms and sizes. It is good to be creative to make an impact, but never go overboard, especially with the size. Sometimes, the irregularity in size makes the card more of a nuisance than help.

Whether you are sending a proposal, a quotation or a billing statement (ka-ching!), having your company name and logo in every form you’re using is vital to make it look professional. During this competitive era, keeping your company’s life line in the battlefield is crucial. No matter how simple it may seem having a standard letterhead allows you to equalize that field against industry giants. 

Website / Blog
Let’s accept the fact that the world becomes a smaller place with technology. Most people fetch significant information and leads via web, so why not allow your business get caught by the trend. However, do not be tempted to create an entertaining and interactive website for your visitors to enjoy, because having to do so can affect loading and browsing time; heavily-loaded websites loads slower – a turnoff for most visitors. It is then advisable to create a mobile-friendly version of your website, by doing so, you allow smart phone and tablet users to easily access your company website: the more visitors, the higher the chances of getting more clients. 

Small and medium enterprises, especially start-up companies should invest in creating effective marketing collateral to give them a competitive edge in the field. Some business owners choose to create their collateral on their own, yet some get professional assistance to create a more concise and effective collateral that can contribute to the company’s success. 

Write On Track is considered a one-stop shop when it comes to collateral development. Aside from its main expertise of text content creation, Write On Track can also provide website and collateral design and development. It makes the whole process easier and allows the company to maintain their confidentiality since they only seek one firm to do everything for them; as a result the company enjoys less complexity and faster delivery.

How to Effectively Communicate Your Message through Writing

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Whether it is personal or for business, when you start putting your thoughts on a piece of paper, most people get crammed up with so many ideas that they end up crumpling the paper. This is something very common as most people do have plenty of great ideas, they just do not know how to lay it out for others to understand. 

Your idea or your message may be worth millions, but the value of your message can only be realized by others if you communicate it properly. Here are some ways on how you can do it:

Organize your thoughts first
You may be excited to tell the world how great your idea or your company is (if you are writing your company profile). But first things first, you need to know and point out what makes your idea (or your company) great. One way to organize those thoughts is to create an outline. Start by pointing out the main points and creating sub-points along the way. At the end, you will be able to create a path for your ideas, so when you start writing, you won’t end up on a dead end. If you are a bit more visual, a mind map may be a more effective tool for you. (Click here to know more.)

Be specific and clear
Unless you are a fiction writer, flowery words and overly-detailed description of every idea is a turn off. For one, the reader may lack the time to read in between the lines of superfluous words. Get the job done nicely and quickly. Bring out the best points and explain briefly if you need to elaborate. Be mindful as well, that if the idea is a “matter-of-fact” you do not need to explain, trust your readers’ knowledge and comprehension.

Create ambiance 
Of course, it is easier to create an environment when you are presenting an idea with an audience. But in the case of writing, creating an ambiance that can entice the readers to be intrigued to start reading is crucial. Your introduction is the “make” or “break” of your message. The key here is to show your readers why they need to hear you out; present a current problem, a success story or anything that can make them realize why they need your idea in their lives.  

Glue it together
You have to understand, you can only effectively convey your message if the reader decides to read the entire thing. So boring your readers is the least thing you need to aim for. Keep it short yet informative. Your message should stick together; every piece of word you write should be significant. There’s no use keeping the readers’ attention for so many pages, if you spilled every idea you have on the first paragraph alone. If one paragraph is all it takes to get your message across, so be it. The length is not so significant, the content is. 

Effectively delivering your message can be a key to success but it requires more than time and effort, it needs dedication and focus as well. Most companies see that importance, that is why they ensure that seeking professional assistance from writing experts like Write On Track is not an option but a requirement.

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