Don't Build a Brand, Be the Brand: How to Create a Brand that Works

posted Aug 20, 2015, 1:42 AM by Write On Track   [ updated Aug 20, 2015, 1:43 AM ]
The secret to every company's lasting presence is having a strong brand. To have a brand is to have an identity and a way to touch your customers' lives. Today's market does not only rely on affordability and the availability of a product or service. They rely on trust. So in order to be the first-in-mind product/service to your market, you have to have a brand that is relatable. 

But sometimes, the pressure for companies to create a brand and an image become more like a liability than an asset. And at the end of the day, the impression left by the brand creates a bad reputation. So be careful in choosing the direction of your company's branding.

Here are some simple steps in creating a brand that works:

Be Honest and Sincere
It's easy to make promises, keeping it is the hardest. It's the same thing when building a brand. Do not say "you're the best in the world" because honestly, you really cannot prove you are. Well unless you are ready to face a lot of marketing researches and studies to prove it. But then would that be a cost you are willing to take, just to prove something, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise (SME). It's free to dream but don't take your customers to fantasy land. Make your brand as real as possible. If you're selling fresh fruit juice with syrup, then just say you're selling fruit juice. Don't say it's perfect for the wellness buffs because you know deep inside you're using syrup. Never lie to your costumers.

Don't Just Follow a Trend
Yes, a lot of SMEs are opening businesses based on trends. Yes, it can work because the demand is high. But if you plan to create a brand just because it's trendy, then you are off the track. Unless you are very passionate with the trend and you plan to innovate a certain idea/product/service as time goes by, then it's okay. But if you are too lazy to do that, then better do something else. A brand is created to last as long as it can. If you're just following a trend which will probably last a few months (lucky, if it lasts for a year), then forget about branding and just sell it as it is. 

Being Different is Okay
Do not be afraid to be unique. Some brands work because they are one of a kind. Just look at two of the most popular companies in the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They brand themselves differently even though they do carry the same line of products. Being different can make you stand-out from the crowd. But be careful as to be too concerned with being different. There's a big difference between trying to be different and being different. 

Make Up your Mind and Stick with It
This is one of the most common mistakes SMEs face. They constantly change their branding. Unless you would like to be known and popular as the company who loves change like Google, then this is a big NO! That's why it's important that the branding complements the company's heart and mission. You don't change your company's goals and inspirations every quarter. Your branding should be the same. Think hard and long on the brand you want to present to your customers and as much as possible stick with it for the next years to come.