How to Effectively Communicate Your Message through Writing

posted Oct 19, 2014, 8:58 PM by Write On Track   [ updated Oct 19, 2014, 8:58 PM ]
Whether it is personal or for business, when you start putting your thoughts on a piece of paper, most people get crammed up with so many ideas that they end up crumpling the paper. This is something very common as most people do have plenty of great ideas, they just do not know how to lay it out for others to understand. 

Your idea or your message may be worth millions, but the value of your message can only be realized by others if you communicate it properly. Here are some ways on how you can do it:

Organize your thoughts first
You may be excited to tell the world how great your idea or your company is (if you are writing your company profile). But first things first, you need to know and point out what makes your idea (or your company) great. One way to organize those thoughts is to create an outline. Start by pointing out the main points and creating sub-points along the way. At the end, you will be able to create a path for your ideas, so when you start writing, you won’t end up on a dead end. If you are a bit more visual, a mind map may be a more effective tool for you. (Click here to know more.)

Be specific and clear
Unless you are a fiction writer, flowery words and overly-detailed description of every idea is a turn off. For one, the reader may lack the time to read in between the lines of superfluous words. Get the job done nicely and quickly. Bring out the best points and explain briefly if you need to elaborate. Be mindful as well, that if the idea is a “matter-of-fact” you do not need to explain, trust your readers’ knowledge and comprehension.

Create ambiance 
Of course, it is easier to create an environment when you are presenting an idea with an audience. But in the case of writing, creating an ambiance that can entice the readers to be intrigued to start reading is crucial. Your introduction is the “make” or “break” of your message. The key here is to show your readers why they need to hear you out; present a current problem, a success story or anything that can make them realize why they need your idea in their lives.  

Glue it together
You have to understand, you can only effectively convey your message if the reader decides to read the entire thing. So boring your readers is the least thing you need to aim for. Keep it short yet informative. Your message should stick together; every piece of word you write should be significant. There’s no use keeping the readers’ attention for so many pages, if you spilled every idea you have on the first paragraph alone. If one paragraph is all it takes to get your message across, so be it. The length is not so significant, the content is. 

Effectively delivering your message can be a key to success but it requires more than time and effort, it needs dedication and focus as well. Most companies see that importance, that is why they ensure that seeking professional assistance from writing experts like Write On Track is not an option but a requirement.