Marketing and Sales or Marketing Versus Sales

posted Jul 17, 2015, 5:36 AM by Write On Track   [ updated Jul 17, 2015, 5:42 AM ]
A few decades ago, many people often see marketing as synonymous to sales. Although, you may have heard a lot of times of a Sales and Marketing Department, in reality, SALES is never the same with MARKETING. 

Let us point the top MAJOR difference of SALES and MARKETING. 

When it comes to the objective of the two, MARKETING usually aims the following: to reach a greater audience and make the brand stick to that audience. SALES, on the other hand has one objective which is... guess what? TO SELL!

As for the core, MARKETING has the brand at its heart. Usually, every effort that the MARKETING makes, it would always think about how the brand would be communicating, representing or portraying to the market. As the MARKETING thinks of the brand, the SALES think of the customers. A happy customer repeats a purchase. A purchase adds up to the general objective: which is to gather more sales. So the SALES will do everything in its power to ensure that they keep their customers happy all the time. 

And lastly, when it comes to measuring their efficiency or success, MARKETING uses so many tools like surveys, focus group discussions and even web analytics. SALES have only one thing to look at to check if they are indeed effective, the sales! It's always going to be about the figures they bring in and if they are meeting their sales quota, as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Yes, sales is what fuels a company. Obviously, without sales, a company would not gain profits at all. Although, a good sales team can actually lift a company towards its success. The SALES alone cannot do it by themselves, well not easily, that is. The MARKETING actually makes the SALES' work a lot easier by covering more grounds. 

To make it more simple, imagine the MARKETING as a paved highway while the SALES are the vehicles. Yes, the SALES can reach its destination even if the roads are rough and rocky. But it will take time, patience and driving skills to do so. The MARKETING can actually make the SALES journey a lot easier and quicker by prepping the way towards the destination. The MARKETING, in short, prepares the market so that by the time the SALES reaches them, half the job has been done. 

In today's highly competitive market, it is best to prepare the market to receive a certain brand than to blindly offer it directly to a clueless market. Having a marketing plan which complements well with a sales plan, a company can have higher success rate at quicker speed and at lesser cost. Most especially for start-up companies, it is a safer route to have two separate department, teams or individuals to work on your SALES and MARKETING plans. However, outsourcing your marketing needs can also be a way to cut down costs. Marketing-support agencies like Write On Track offers not only marketing consultancy but also provides copywriting, graphic designs, event management and publicity services. Outsourcing can be an essential practice being done not only by small and medium enterprises but also by corporations who want to focus more efficiently on the company's core.